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Mazda Minagi Concept

Your Mazda Minagi strategy car embodies Mazda's brand-new SkyActiv technologies along with new KODO design and style language, signaling how for the up coming generation of Mazda cars into the future.

The Mazda Minagi strategy makes its world premiere with the 2011 Geneva Motor Show because expression of Mazda's brand-new SkyActiv technologies along with new KODO design and style language. It is the 1st model which showcases characteristics likely to end up seen in the subsequent generation of Mazda autos.

For this explanation, Mazda has entirely incorporated its SkyActiv technologies into every part of driving functionality, including the powertrain, framework, and even system design. As the other concept vehicle to feature Mazda's new 'KODO -- Soul of Motion' design and style language, Minagi issues conventions with emotive design and invigorating performance.

While Shinari ended up being a pure design concept to talk about the full probable of KODO design and style, Mazda Minagi offers a glimpse of the subsequent generation of products into the future. As the subsequent concept car to take Mazda's KODO design and style theme, Minagi's design aspects combine the expression of one's pulsing throughout your vehicle with the keen agility to advance about freely along with nimbly. With their upright, compact presentation, Mazda Minagi comes with a vision of KODO design that may be different to Shinari, yet it shares a similar sinuous, powerful foot position.

"I wanted to say something different through the Mazda Shinari. I felt a compressed crossover SUV was the ideal vehicle to show agility and centered movement; the flexibility involving four limbs relocating unison, and the upright posture. inch

- Masashi Nakayama, Primary Designer, Mazda Minagi Strategy

The Mazda Minagi is often a stylish expression involving pent-up energy. Throughout Japanese, its name conjures in the image of the object pulsating using energy and correctly reflects the vehicle's rate, agility and spirited figure. For Minagi, Mazda designers checked out different aspects of cheetahs when they hunt. A cheetah's head lies high, while prolonged, powerful and flexible limbs hold their lean torso upright permit it to adjust direction quickly in high speed. Mazda's designers attempted to evoke the time when an canine contracts its muscle tissues, ready to race and lunge in its prey. Additionally, such a lunge might be in any route; an idea which fits while using function of the agile crossover SUV mainly because it nimbly darts by having a sprawling cityscape.

Major popular features of the Mazda Minagi Strategy

An urban-friendly stream-lined crossover SUV which in turn combines emotional design and style with exhilarating functionality

Mazda Minagi will be the first concept car to completely adopt Mazda's SkyActiv engineering and new 'KODO -- Soul of Motion' design and yes it represents Mazda's up coming generation of solutions
Mazda's unique stream-lined crossover SUV pertaining to urban explorers combines emotional design -- which conveys a lively capacity to quickly leap straight into action and head in a direction - while using driving pleasure along with outstanding environmental along with safety performance involving SkyActiv technologies
KODO design aspects adopted by this specific compact crossover VEHICLE express pulsating energy and also a nimble ability to advance about freely

Outdoor design

The vehicle's crouched foot position expresses the image of an cheetah as it stands which consists of weight poised in its hind lower limbs, ready to lunge in its prey
The cargo these kinds of of conventional SUVs often resembles a car or truck wearing a book bag, whereas Minagi presents a perception of a carved entity that cleanly comes with spaciousness within well-toned collections
Placing the A-pillar rearward highlights the rearward orientation in the cabin. This stands throughout sharp contrast on the single-arc silhouette involving frontward A-pillar position on minivans, and emphasizes your driving position - important for the design in the Mazda Minagi strategy
The cabin's position in accordance with the lower body's further back when compared with on conventional SUVs. This specific emphasizes the movements expressed in Minagi's variety

Front view

The chromed 'signature wing' for the front fascia, distributed to Shinari, makes Minagi immediately recognizable as being a Mazda and creates a substantial impression
Angling top grille slightly down, while juxtaposing your headlamp housings design and style to slant up, creates intensity
Adding more dynamic contours on the prominent front fenders -- highly characteristic involving Mazda cars -- expresses KODO design and style language's forceful impression of accumulating, and then instantly releasing pent-up electricity. These elements match the dynamic way of the rear fenders even more emphasizing the trolley wheels, which form the legs on this predator

Side watch

Sculpted lines down the sides of Mazda Minagi's body accentuate an awareness of power which in turn suggest the supple strength of an cheetah. These contours extend and talk with the rear fender in the expression which recommends the powerful musculature that will joins the cheetah's back and hips for you to its legs
The complete effect is a new graceful and lovely form which directs a persons vision from front-to-rear
The smoothness line that flows down the lower part involving Minagi's side cells symbolizes KODO's impression of power staying accumulated, then speedily released

Rear watch

The rear fenders undertaking boldly outward to generate a wide, stable foot position befitting an VEHICLE
The contrast relating to the rear fenders plus the taut lines in the car's rear stop mimics the solid and seductive hip distinctive line of a toned player

Headlamp design

Like with Shinari, the chromed 'signature wing' that will sweeps up through the bottom of top grille disappears into the midst of the headlamp housings considerably
The design in the three-dimensional headlamp along with rear combination lamps convey a heightened sense involving depth
The distinctive line of the 'signature wing' element plus the headlamp design combine to talk about the intense look of an wild animal's look

Interior design

Mazda's designers attempted to realize a driver-focused cockpit along with cabin environment that will expresses a reassuringly dangerous of strength along with solidity. The interior engages quality materials with the superior fit along with finish of thorough hand craftsmanship
The above features improve the anticipation of your driving pleasure into the future by creating a new refined and good quality cabin environment
The main dark-colored interior colour is highlighted with the colour red inside rear seatbacks and towards the bottom of the entrance armrests

Characteristics unique to your compact crossover VEHICLE

Four upright silk chrome struts apparently support the guitar panel, each rising upward in the image of straight strength which appears to be defy gravity, underscoring your impression that Minagi's people in the room are securely shielded
The design in the instrument cluster along with surrounding switches highlights the snug, sporty nature in the driver-focused cockpit even though expressing Mazda's sporty ethos


Leather seats along with door trim are actually fashioned using the optimum leather available
Qualified craftsmen have meticulously sewn the dazzling raised pleats, a touch that will expresses the interior's high quality
The 'black smoked' coating for the dark tinted horizontally metal panel -- positioned along the midst of the instrument screen - shows the excellent of the indoor components
Solid material components, including the threshold handles, are milled via solid aluminium along with carefully polished to deliver a smooth, quality-enhancing floor. The door levers are made to resemble the splendor and functionality involving high-end racing bi-cycle components, and provide a quality that ensures these are a pleasure to work with.


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